Badger Welfare

Clwyd Badger Group Charity Number: 518271

Badger Welfare

Welfare we provide to Baders in our area:-

We rescue injured badgers and orphaned cubs. We provide a sanctuary for care prior to release back into the wild. We respond to illegal persecution.

Rescued Badger Cub
Resuced Cub

Our Sanctuary Manager looks after injured badgers at our Sanctuary, like most of our members he does far many other things to help wildlife. This is a cub rescued from a farm in Kelsterton where it was found by the farmer who contacted us.

Huwie the Badger
Meet Huwie

Huwie was rescued from a farm in Connah's Quay and cared for by one of our group members.

Read Huwies story

Badger Released back into the wild
One of many happy events

After a road traffic accident a fully recovered badger is returned to it's home territory after veterinary treatment and TLC from some of our members.

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Clwyd Badger Group

To report an injured badger to us please telephone: 01352 740787

For all other enquiries please complete our contact form or write to us.