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Clwyd Badger Group Charity Number: 518271

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Why should you want to join us?

Do you have an interest in badger welfare and conservation?

If you have our aims at heart you will be most welcome to join us - for as little as £5 a year!

Badger Groups are achieving far more than just protecting one species, which in itself has been an amazing success; this animal is a keystone species, one of our last top omnivores keeping our dwindling ecosystems alive. Badger conservationists have proved that endangered species can, with sufficient public support, recover. Not only that, by working with the local authorities and checking planning proposals we have saved habitats from loss to developments and ensured that mitigation measures are put in place whenever appropriate.

Members and friends had fun creating glades in our wood near Ysceifiog which have allowed diverse native flora to flourish. We have made and put up well over 100 boxes to cater for our birds, bats and dormice; and of course badgers use our wood, which we bought because the main sett used to be regularly dug. Our wood is managed purely for wildlife and cut wood is left for fungi and invertebrates which constitute life at the bottom of the eco-pyramid to support our mammals and birds.

We are putting biodiversity into practice!

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Please download our application form, print, complete and return to us by post with your payment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

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To report an injured badger to us please telephone: 01352 740787

For all other enquiries please complete our contact form or write to us.