Badger Liaison

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Badger Liaison North Wales

We liaise regularly with the following organisations and communities:-

North Wales Police, Local authorities in North Wales, Welsh Assembly Government, Countryside Council for Wales, Forest Enterprise, the public, public titles, landowners, Highways, ecological consultants, the media

Badger Liaison
A55 Coast Road

Surveys are undertaken when new roads are built to find the badger crossing points. Mitigation, in the form of badger tunnels and badger proof fencing, is often insufficient to cover all these potential black spots. Hence the appalling numbers of RTAs on the A55. This road running parallel to the coast cuts right across numerous side valleys running into the River Dee. Here we have a rare opportunity to gain mitigation on a completed road, the A55, when road works are planned. Here we noted crossing badger paths and recorded black spots for the Highways Authority.

Badger Protection Liaison
Industrial Estate Link Road

One of our Area Co-ordinators attending a site meeting at our request by the Tarmac entrance with Wrexham Borough Council Officials and Ecologists. The issue is about the need to fill a beautiful little wooded hollow as part of the new road embankment. As the track has to be bridged we believe the copse could be avoided by a slight alteration in the bridge position. I have requested this to be an agenda item for the next joint consultation meeting – even though the initial response was negative.

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