Badger Conservation

Clwyd Badger Group Charity Number: 518271

Our conservation work includes :-

Monitoring & recording badger sett's. Monitoring & advising on planning. Woodland ownership & management..

Badger Groups are achieving far more than just protecting one species, which in itself has been an amazing success; this animal is a keystone species, one of our last top omnivores keeping our dwindling ecosystems alive. Badger conservationists have proved that endangered species can, with sufficient public support, recover. Not only that, by working with the local authorities and checking planning proposals we have saved habitats from loss to developments and ensured that mitigation measures are put in place whenever appropriate.

This is reflected in our stated aim:

The conservation of badgers and their habitat
Badger Sett Recording
Sett Recording

Sett Photos are now taken as requested by the Wildlife Officer for North Wales. Photos are taken to show activity and location which show background as illustrated; close ups are taken of paper label with date and 8 fig map ref. To pinpoint location. The huge capacity of digital storage makes this task feasible.

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