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About Clwyd Badger Group

About Us

Clwyd Badger Group was founded in 1983 to promote the study and conservation of badgers and their habitat. In the early days the Group concentrated their efforts on protecting badgers in Flintshire and the Wrexham area. As time has gone on our interests have expanded to cover the whole of North Wales from Gwynedd to the Cheshire Border. The Group was granted charity status in 1986 and we are affiliated to The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and The Badger Trust.

Badgers have suffered from persecution by human beings for hundreds of years. Their homes, the setts, have been dug out to flush out the badgers whereupon the diggers set their dogs on them; Badger baiting, also with dogs causing severe injuries to the dogs as well as the badgers; Lamping at night using powerful torches in order to shoot badgers indiscriminately. All these activities are classed as a 'sport' by some members of the public. Also badgers have been gassed in their setts, poisoned and snared. In order to protect badgers from these despicable activities enjoyed by a small minority the Group has developed a close working relationship with North Wales Police and also the RSPCA and has helped secure several convictions for badger persecution.

Many areas in North Wales provide ideal habitat for badgers and over the years we have collected a large database of sett locations. All setts known to the group are recorded and plotted on OS Maps and as many as possible are monitored regularly by individual group members. Badgers also face other threats from development which can result in decimation of their territory and feeding areas. Road developments can cut randomly across their age-old paths . Badger road deaths take a terrible toll on local badger populations. Gradually, over the years , our Group has been able to advise the authorities on the effects of proposed developments using our sett records. Now we work closely with all North Wales Local Authorities Planning Departments and we are consulted by the Utilities and Construction Companies in planning matters.

In 1991 we purchased our first wood and in 1992 we were fortunate enough to be able to buy an adjoining woodland. Since then we have had to learn the skills of forestry management and we have received a great deal of help and advice from the Forestry Commission. The woodland is managed for the benefit of wildlife and now boasts a diverse flora and fauna. Recently, we were delighted to discover a small colony of dormice in one part of the woodland so now the pressure is on to encourage these shy creatures to expand their range. To this end we are planting Hazel and putting up dormouse nesting boxes.

We are all familiar with the old saying that 'large oaks from little acorns grow' and that certainly reflects the history of Clwyd Badger Group. From a few knowledgeable and enthusiastic founder members in 1983 to the present the Group has earned its place as a major player in the welfare of wildlife in North Wales.

We are putting biodiversity into practice!

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